Welcome to the Britz Design Page!

Do you have some tough facility challenges? Do you have a kennel room with a support column in the middle of it? At BritzCo, we relish the challenge of creating custom solutions to help you get the most from your facility space.

You will marvel at our unique 3D design tools and web collaboration. You will see very clearly how our creative solutions and years of lab design experience solve your facility and animal housing challenges.

Creating a Custom Solution

Send us a simple picture with some dimensions and the general equipment layout that you need.

In about 5 minutes, we can send you back a 3-dimensional model of your room. You can verify our dimensions and any special features (like those nasty columns) in the room.

With the corrected room model, we can provide with a complete 3-dimensional model of your room with the equipment laid out just the way you specified. This process can take as little as an hour or a week, depending on the amount of customization that is needed. 80% of the time, the 3D model can be completed in 24 hours.

You have a number of opportunities to review and revise the 3D model:

E-mail Drawings

We can send you a complete set of drawings with details and dimension as a PDF document directly to your email account. You can print and redlines at will and send back to us.

Online Meetings

An online meeting is a great way to collaborate on your equipment layout. Using simple GotoMeeting services, our engineering staff can present you with the 3D model in real time. We can discuss, rotate, zoom, and modify; it's like back seat driving!

Web Site Collaboration

Our unique software allows us to post your 3D models to a protected area of our company web site. You can log into your page on our site and use the online 3D viewing tools to check out your designs. We can post the 3d Model and/or the associated 2D drawing. You and your staff can inspect and review the design when your schedule allows.

Go Ahead! Give it a try! Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Click on the "orbit" tool (next to the hand tool), then click and hold the left mouse button as you drag to rotate the view.

Once the design is settled, we'll send you a complete and detailed set of drawings for you to review and sign. These submittal drawings help confirm that we understand your requirements. Then, it's off to the shop for fabrication!

With the product complete and shipped to your facility, our friendly installation team will come set the equipment up. Our President is a hands on kind of guy; you might even see him helping with an installation or two!!

A great installation that solves your tough facility challenges all starts with a good design. Our 3D modeling tools and on-line collaboration make the process fun, quick and guaranteed to meet your needs. If you have been scratching your head about a how to work around some facility challenges, call us!! We're here to help!!