European Standard Primate Cages

European Standard Primate Housing
Britz & Company is the first to bring EU ETS-123 compliant housing to the United States. Since 2007, BritzCo has designed, fabricated, installed and supported it's clients with primate housing the complies with the larger requirements defined by the European Union.

Key Features of our European Housing Units include:
  • ETS-123 Appendix A, Table 5 Compliant Enclosure size is 2 square meters, volume is 3.6(+) cubic meters and height is 1.8(+) meters.
  • European Composites Thermo neutral composits keep your animals quiet and warm while enchancing the appearance of your facility.
  • Porches and Verandas Give your animals plenty of exploration options and extend their view beyond the front of their cages.
  • Home Cages Allow you to control seperatation and socialization of your animals. Also include easy to use squeeze backs.
  • Play Cages Offer increased vertical exploration, with large personnel door for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Deep Foraging Pans Extend your options for enrichment by with bedding or water.
  • Interchangeable Enrichment Panels Makes daily variety and complexity an easy task.


Learn more about European primate housing standards and guidelines by clicking the FAQ tab!