Britz Bio Booth(TM)

Now the name you trust in bio-containment offers a new containment and isolation solution. You supply the place and the power. We supply the rest.

Lab Animal & Human Applications

  • Existing Facilities Without the Need for Expensive Construction!

  • Remote Facilities
  • Planned Protocols Using Your Existing Caging

  • Emergency Outbreak Protection

  • Quick BSL II or BSL III

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Pharmaceutical Compounding

  • Remote Treatment in Clean Environment

  • Renovation Disruptions

  Bio Booth

Your Bio Booth(TM) -abilities Defined


  • You can have reliable bio-containment and isolation ANYWHERE
  • These HEPA filtered, stand-alone systems can be set up and disassembled quickly by two people with simple hand tools
  • The shipping containers can be re-used for storage or shipping to another location


  • You can choose positive pressure (isolation) or negative pressure (containment)
  • Size: from 3'x3' to 8'x10' to the limits of your need or imagination, these systems can be configured for the small application to the large scale operation
  • Floor plans can be designed to include multiple banked rooms, ante rooms, air showers, air locks, sealed transfer ports, etc.
  • A variety of human and animal access doors are available
  • 5 options in air handling packages:
    • Manual single blower system
    • Manual double blower system
    • Semi-auto single blower system
    • Fully automatic double blower system
    • Use your own building HVAC System


  • We use solid panels of Trespa© and Lexan© in a light-weight, extruded aircraft aluminum frame. No worries about a tear or a hole or a breech of your containment/isolation
  • Long-life blowers and components are used to maximize trouble-free use


  • All framing junctions, walls, ceilings and floors are gasketed to ensure an air-tight seal
  • We use the same bio-containment technology you have trusted for 25 years in these portable, reconfigurable biocontainment and isolation systems
  • One year warranty
  • Quite simply: THEY WORK!
Bio Booth Drawing


  • Self-contained mobile sinks
  • Fume hoods
  • Automatic doors
  • Environmental monitors (heat, humidity)
  • Animal doors
  • Flooring
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Additional lighting
  • Rose-chocolate film applications
  • Tools for remote husbandry in contained systems
  • Glove panels
  • Additional HEPA Filtering and blower options


  • VHP, ChlorDox, etc.