5.4 Sq. Ft. Tandem

1-over-1 primary housing unit, stainless steel with solid and wire mesh panels.

Single housing for cats

5.4 sq. ft.

  5.4 SqFt Tandem

Features & Benefits

Rotating Bowl Holder


Rotating Bowl Holder:
A Rotating Bowl Holder is provided for quick change out of water and food supply while containing the animal.

Recessed Litter Pan


Recessed Litter Pan:
Lightweight and Easy to Clean

Removable floor Panel


Removable floor Panel:
Removal of upper level litter pan accommodates vertical access and socialization between upper and lower compartments.


Metabolic Pans:
Ideal for collection of urine through a small tube. Fits easily into recessed litter pan opening. Also can be used in conjuction with a fecal screen separator.

Resting Shelves:
The resting shelf slides easily into any position on the back or sides of the unit, and provides a comfortable resting area for cats.


Cat Scratcher:
The Cat Scratcher is a removable indoor/outdoor carpet insert, that provides for a cat's natural nail sharpening habits.


Cat Grooming Station:
The Cat Grooming Station is a short nap, polycarbonate bristled brush in a removable frame, that attaches to cage walls.


Fleece Hammock:
Insert is a rod frame with fleece hammock pad to provide a comfortable resting are for cats.


Flat Wire Grid Floor with Excreta Pan: